Request Manager – clever distribution

Our user tip in Evalanche: With the help of the Request Manager you can simply and automatically forward your web-based customer requests to the right contact persons straight away.


By means of any form on your website, such as a registration process for instance or the contact page, you can save additional parameters which your potential customers can click on or fill in. If the user sends off the form containing the request, it is automatically forwarded to the appropriate contact person allocated by you. This means that there are no delays and requests are not lost.



request manager by Tripicchio


Example: You are an insurance company and you work together with a field sales team. If potential customers enter their postal codes on your contact page, this request is immediately sent to the responsible sales employee for the appropriate area.


Depending on the required profile information and the target group, customer service representatives from headquarters as well as field sales staff can be the receivers. This guarantees that customers receive feedback to their requests without any delay from the right contact person in the appropriate language.


In the basic settings of the Request Manager you can very easily individually configure the entire contents of the contact person e-mails. Regardless of whether they are sent out immediately, daily, weekly, monthly, annually or on a specific day of the week – everything is freely adjustable and additionally enjoys excellent delivery rates thanks to whitelisting of the e-mail marketing system.


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