Finally fantastic festive days

It’s just around the corner. Regardless of whether the presents are placed under your tree by Father Christmas or Santa Claus, Christmas Eve is soon followed by the end-of-year party bash. In order to make sure that you can enjoy the holiday season, we’ve collected our tips for a creating a positive overall atmosphere and personal ideas, so that you are holidays can be free of conflict.


Last-Minute-WeihnachtsgeschenkeLast minute presents

You’re still looking for a present. No problem – because Amazon is still able to deliver at short notice, grocery stores und Co are still open and if all else fails, you can still grab a gift voucher. Take advantage of more ideas from and

Crafty Christmas present ideas

You’ve been spontaneously invited or you’ve forgotten about the neighbours and you quickly need a little something to bring along? Maybe will help you.


Entspannte WeihnachtenDeep relaxation

With all these challenges ahead of us relaxation, our biggest provider of energy, should not be forgotten. What’s more, we also want to have a rest during our days off. and are provide us with some fast and easy tips on how to relax.

Christmas Dinner

The big days have finally arrived but you’ve forgotten to prepare the food. Or you feel like creating a three-course dinner but you’re not sure what to include. Great tips, help and recipes are available on and Or use your local food delivery service.

Days in harmony

Sometimes it does unfortunately happen that you don’t agree with your family and/or friends. To make sure that you’re able to deal with these differences, we’ve had a look around for ideas for solving conflicts and found some on,, and
Harmonische Festtage

Entertaining kids

Yet another potential source of disturbance is (and I’m allowed to say this because I’m a mum myself) children. Even though Christmas wouldn’t be the same without their shiny bright eyes, these tiny ticking time bombs are also a danger. What’s convenient is when you spontaneously discover something to occupy them which channels surplus energy. Have a look at and

Well, nice presents, or?

They keep reappearing, year after – those terribly unpopular Christmas presents. What now? Those with lots of self-confidence manage to get Grandma or Aunty to take the items home with them again by means of a friendly word or two. What about the others? Get creative! On you can find ideas for up-cycling Christmas gifts made of textiles.

Or make use of your local or online return service. You’ll find further information at and

Bye, bye…

If nothing helps, then flight is the only option. Or simply leaving the unsafe terrain. On and you will be sure to find a few ideas on how to successfully escaping the hustle and bustle of Christmas at short notice.
Now you’re all set to go. Happy Holidays!