Our user tip for Evalanche: User Engagement Analysis

Within the context of the User Engagement or Commitment Analysis you will discover some valuable details regarding the user behaviour of your recipients. By means of the reading time measurement for instance, you can see for how long your readers have opened the e-mailing.

This key figure will provide you with a helpful overview of how important your recipients consider your e-mailing to be and how relevant the content is for your subscribers.


Fact is that key figures such as open or click rates provide a purely technical measurement of values. They do not consider real user behaviour.


This is how it works

Constantly reloading pixels enables you to track the open time of an e-mailing. The values are sorted into three categories:


  • Loading time < 2sec Not read (e.g. deleted immediately, preview window)
  • Loading time 2sec <= t < 8s Scanned
  • Loading time >= 8sec Read


In this way you are provided with profitable insights into your target group relevance and how you are able to optimize your mailings in order to make them even more customer-oriented.


Small diagram with excellent information content

The diagram can be found in the “mailing” area in the corresponding mailing-reporting in the “sending” tab.


User Engagement - User Commitment - Tripicchio


Overview of the reading time of an e-mailing, Source: Tripicchio


For your orientation

Your values display a sound average if approximately 50-70% of the recipients have read the mailing, 15-20% have merely skim read it and 15-20% have not read it. If your values deviate from these percentages, use these insights and adjust the content or the design accordingly.


Find out more about your openers with the reading time measurements. You can receive help, convincing design suggestions and further tips regarding Evalanche and other mailing tools directly from us. Feel free to contact us!